Name: Tyson Emanuel
Toronto, Canada

Marshall / Randall cabs, Line 6, LTD guitars, Ibanez guitars, Yamaha guitars, Digitech, BOSS, DR strings, Dean Markley strings, Ernie Ball strings, Dunlop picks, EMG pickups, Dimarzio Pickups

Musical Influences: too many to list. The listener probably hears something familiar? 

Favorite Bands/albums/musicians:
too many to list but every

conceivable genre and sound. Iron Maiden's Powerslave got me into ​the guitar.

Fave PHEAR song: Regan's Dream. From beginning to end its straight forward heavy; love the momentum. There is a handful of tracks I enjoy but this one for now.

Fave member of PHEAR: 5 guys as one.

Fave books/shows/movies: Anything done well; all subjects & styles.

Hobbies: Design, photography, videography, hiking, cooking, woodworking, writing...

Most memorable musical exp: Performing guitar for Sting & Russell Crowe at private function. Opening up for Def Leppard too.

Memorable Concert: Being underage and seeing Yngwie Malmsteen during Fire & Ice tour (first time).

Why I love what I do?: It's who I am.

Anything else: Hopefully.