Name: Chris Boshis A.K.A: Bosh

D.O.B: A Long Time Ago

Birthplace: A Galaxy far, far away

Currently Residing In: Your Face


Basses: Spector Basses
Amps: Gallien Krueger, Peavy, anything that sounds awesome 

Strings: D'Addario

Picks: Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm

Musical Influences: My musical background is almost entirely rooted in thrash. My earliest influences came from the Big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer), Testament, and Iron Maiden. Later on, Pantera, Machine Head, and Tool crept their way into my writing and playing styles. As for Bass specifically… Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted, David Ellefson, and Steve Harris all played major roles in my formative years, which is what lead to me being equally proficient with both pick and finger styles.


BANDS: The Big 4, Testament, Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Pantera, Down, Tool, Disturbed, Fear Factory, Gwar, GNR, Pearl Jam,

ALBUMS: Master of Puppets, And Justice for All (basically learned to play bass with these 2 albums), Rust In Peace (Megadeth), Sound of White Noise (Anthrax), Powerslave (Maiden), Lateralus (Tool), Nola (Down), The Blackening (Machine head), Lust in Space (Gwar)                            


MUSICIANS: My brothers in Phear, All those who rock!!

PHEAR song, and why: Regan’s Dream. This is the first Phear song I heard. Just before I joined the band,as the guys sent me a link to the “Regan’s Dream” video … I listened to 30 seconds of this song and instantly knew I wanted to be a part of this band!

Member of PHEAR:  The fans!! You make us who we are.

BOOKS: The Dark Tower series, IT (Stephen King), The Sword of Truth series (Terry Goodkind), Imajica (Clive Barker), Rama (Arthur C. Clarke), A Song of Ice and Fire (George R.R Martin)


TV: Game of Thrones, Star Trek (all series), Stargate (all series), Farscape, Family Guy, South Park, Rick and Morty, Trailer Park Boys, The original Transformers animated series.


MOVIES:  Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, Anything by Marvel, Goodfellas, Casino, Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Borat

Other Hobbies:  Photography, Movies, books, Bowling, Polka, being a super nerd (and all associated activities). 

Most memorable musical experience(s):

Opening for “Spirit of the West” while in my first metal band “Trilogy”. The memorable part? Us and all our friends highjacking their air conditioned RV, eating all their food, drinking all their booze, then playing our set and bailing before they knew what happened! :)

Getting the chance to audition for 2 of my all time favourite bands … “Machine Head” and “Disturbed”

Telling the Phear boys that I was their new bass player at my 2nd audition :)

First gig with Phear at the Rockpile in Etobicoke … so many reasons! Just one of those amazing gigs that stays with you forever

Most memorable concert(s): 

An evening with Metallica (Black album tour), 1992, Copps Coliseum, Hamilton ON. Very first large production metal show I ever saw and it blew my mind!

Every Tool concert I’ve ever been to. A band that truly personifies musical art in every way possible.


Why I love what I do? 

30 years ago, the album “Master of Puppets” truly inspired me, and helped shape the course of my life. It has always been my dream to truly inspire others with original music in the same way. During a live performance, if I can spot just one person in the crowd who is fully involved in our music … physically and emotionally … then I feel like I’ve done my job :)


Anything else to add?: