So who are PHEAR? Well, it turns out these Canadians have some History.

 Patrick Mulock (Lead vocals): Patrick had a 2 album stint with Metal Blade Recording Artists Eidolon, with Glen and Shawn Drover, formerly of Megadeth. Prior to that, he fronted Canadian band RAMPAGE.

Pat Rogers (guitars): Pat is also a member of the Toronto band "Profaner" who won the 2016 Metal Battle Canada competition, and eventually international 2nd place at the Wacken Open Air festival.

Chris Boshis (Bass Guitar): Chris spent time in local band CONFLICTED. He has also auditioned for MACHINE HEAD and DISTURBED.


Alex Zubair (guitars): Alex has 30 years experience playing in Metal bands all across the globe (such as Burn to Black, Nader Sadek, Lomair, and AZP (Alex Zubair Project) ... and has also appeared on Banger TV's "Shredders of Metal" series. Alex is the newest member of Phear, and the band is proud to have him in the phamily!


Do you see a connection here???


So what’s next for PHEAR?


When I asked the band “What’s next?” They all answer the same….”EVERYTHING!” / “Bigger, Better, Brighter and louder!” I asked them to define this answer seriously … in a nutshell, they just want everybody out there to know who they are. They love what they do, and want all their fans to have a great time listening and watching them do it! They treat every show as an EVENT, A MOMENT, A MEMORY! They want to leave their mark!


The one thing I noticed about PHEAR after spending some time with them, is they are super driven. They are always thinking of ways to entertain their fans. Not wanting to give away all their secrets entrusted to me……PHEAR is currently in recording sessions for new material to be released in 2021, as well as being in the planning stages for their newest video, plus a large production live webcast performance.

From what I have heard so far, I have one word…..”EPIC” and I will leave it at that.


On Jan 10 2017 PHEAR had the honour of opening for German Metal Legend; UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER in Toronto.


It is a very exciting time for PHEAR as they turn the next corner. I’m going to enjoy watching them on this journey!


Industry Quotes


"Metal" Tim Henderson ( Chief Editor and CEO Bravewords)

“ Fear not, these seasoned Canadian heavyweights are poised to take traditional power metal to the next level with superior musicianship and an inner fire that lights the stage”


Gigi Ghibon-Elhenawy (Vice President Rock Rage Radio)

“There is a song I cannot stop listening to, and singing along with. That song is Regan’s Dream, by the band PHEAR. The vocal range on the song is phenomenal!. The melodic metal, hard rock sound is truly unique. A Perfect mesh of rhythm guitar, bass, drums and an expansive vocal range allow you to truly feel the music. Every element of PHEAR’s addictive sound, true hardcore roots of rock look and sound will keep you listening for more……Get PHEAR in your ears TODAY!