Dj Metalgod interviews Patrick Mulock of PHEAR

So who are PHEAR?

Well, it turns out these Canadian’s have some History.

Patrick Mulock (Lead vocals): Patrick had a 2 album stint with Metal Blade Recording Artists Eidolon, with Glen and Shawn Drover, formerly of Megadeth. Prior to that, he fronted Canadian band RAMPAGE.

Tyson Emanuel (Guitars): Tyson cut his guitar chops in Europe in the Death Metal band “BEHEADED”. Once coming to Canada, he quickly joined the ranks of RAMPAGE, which eventually lead him to Nick Welsh’s REVOLVER.

Chris Boshis (Bass Guitar): Chris spent time in local band CONFLICTED. He has also auditioned for MACHINE HEAD and DISTURBED.

Graham Stirrett (Guitars): Graham came to PHEAR from local Death Metal Band “A SIN FOR A PRAYER”. He continues to release solo material as well as playing in PHEAR.

Chris Lewis (Drums): Chris spent time in local acts and was the original drummer in RAMPAGE. Do you see a connection here???

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