Phear’s own Graham Stirrett has been signed by EMG Pickups.

Graham has his own artist page HERE.

Graham Stirrett hails from the Great White North….Canada eh. While growing up in Northern Ontario, Graham was exposed to a diverse collection of music. In the end, it was Heavy Metal that struck a chord with the young Canadian. Graham moved to Toronto, where he studied music production, while stretching his musical chops doing double duty as the lead guitarist and lead vocalist for his band “A Sin for a Prayer”. After “Sin” went on hiatus Graham began to compile solo material for his first Graham Stirrett release called N:OW. During this time, he was also asked to assume Lead Guitar duties for RFL recording artist’s Phear. Over the next year, Phear will be releasing 2 albums worldwide through RFL. But wait…there’s more…He’s also planning on releasing his second Solo effort in 2019.
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