Phear Featured On Brave Words

Taken From Brave Words:

If you long for the sounds of vintage power and thrash metal with a prog twist, then there is a fast-rising band that perfectly fits this description – Phear. Comprised of Patrick Mulock – lead vocals, Graham Stirrett – guitar, Tyson Emanuel – guitar, Chris Boshis – bass guitar, Chris Lewis – drums/percussion, the band is gearing up to issue a five-track EP, The Curse Lives On (release date Friday, June 30th), which follows their debut full-length, Insanitarium.

“Phear was formed in Toronto in 2015,” explains Patrick. “I played in Metal Blade recording artists Eidolon with Glen and Shawn Drover – formerly of Megadeth – from 2001-2004. Prior to that I was in a local outfit called Rampage that had some success in the Toronto area, and for some strange reason, Australia. After a semi-retirement from music (2004- 2014), I had the Rampage boys over to discuss doing it again. Unfortunately, all couldn’t commit due to other bands, jobs etc. So, with two new members and three original rampage members, we formed Phear.”


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