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Mixing the best components of the NWOBHM era, blending them and sculpting around their sound, making this offering by the Canadian-quintet a must in the air-guitar collection.

Mississauga-based Phear packs quite a punch on its debut full-length release, Insanitarium. The band’s brand of power/thrash metal is a perfect blend of melody and ferocity

"The Curse Lives On is a testimonial to what power / thrash metal can do to your soul, deep, dark and loud, just crank it up and feel the Phear."

"With the sonic power of IRON MAIDEN blended with the classic style of JUDAS PRIEST, PHEAR bring to life their monster live show to the ears of fans across the globe"

PHEAR have so much potential and really reminded of bands like NEVERMORE, EIDOLON and late eighties FATES WARNING. You have a top notch singer and a great backing band, they have a lot of potential that’s for sure. A band to look out for in 2020!

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